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Your results are our priority

At Boston Physical Therapy, we focus on treating you as a whole person, not simply an individual part of the body. You can trust us to help you achieve effective, efficient results and find relief.

We offer individualized, hands-on treatment customized for your individual needs and comfort level. We support, educate, and empower you as we work closely with you to address your unique physical challenges and limitations.

We treat physical therapy patients in South Boston and the Greater Boston area with:

Sprains and Strains

Plantar Fasciitis


Neurologic Conditions

Back and Neck Injuries

Hernia and Slipped Disc

Pregnancy and Postpartum



Acute or Chronic Pain

Joint Pain

Jaw Pain/ TMJ

Frozen Shoulder

Boston Physical Therapy: Experts in Biomechanics

Welcome to our community-based South Boston physical therapy practice

A therapist-owned and operated physical therapy practice, we work with adolescents, adults, and elderly patients to provide safe, effective, and high-quality care.

Our office is friendly and welcoming, offering you an alternative to the wait times, noise, and busyness of the hospitals. We strive to make coming to see us enjoyable and productive.

We respect you and your time, giving you the individualized attention and support you deserve. Trusted by doctors and nurses, we work with adolescents, adults, and elderly patients to effectively and efficiently guide you through your care.

Specialty Areas:

You're in good hands

You deserve quality treatment you can trust from a practitioner who listens and cares.

Boston Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned practice located in South Boston. Our owner, Lisa Scialla, DPT, works alongside our dedicated team as we place your healing and results first and help you overcome your unique physical challenges.

At Boston Physical Therapy, we do things differently!

We spend time with you one-to-one and focus on you as a whole person (not just a single ailment or body part)

We accept most insurances

Our experienced team brings specialized areas of expertise to help you with your individual challenges

We schedule your initial exam within a week

Our practice is built on a foundation of respect, inclusivity, and community for all

Evidence-Based | Patient-Centered | Quality Care

Our Patients Believe in Us

Here is what they are saying

“After a fall shattered my shoulder I had to undergo a total shoulder replacement. A friend told me to see Lisa. Lisa worked with me to get the arm moving again. Having a shoulder replacement unexpectedly can be life changing. Lisa carefully took me through each stage of my rehab. When I continued to fall, Lisa encouraged me to do balance exercises. She followed up with my doctor by phone and even helped me get a handicap placard for my car. Lisa truly cares about her patient’s well being.”

Margaret R.

“Lisa is amazing. I had a very painful and debilitating shoulder issue and tried many other therapists before finding Lisa. She was, in fact, the first person to discover the correct diagnosis. Her treatments were perfect and I saw steady improvement and eventually reached a full recovery.”

Linzy E. 

Ready to schedule with our South Boston physical therapy team?

We’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you reach your goals. We’re here to help you heal and get back to feeling your best!


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